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Cannon Video Camera Software

cannon video camera software

    video camera
  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen

  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.

  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.

  • A camera that records onto digital or videotape.

  • Software is Grace Slick's 1984 album. This album was recorded after she had re-joined Jefferson Starship. After working on this album, Peter Wolf would go on to contribute to Jefferson Starship's 1984 album, Nuclear Furniture. A music video was made for the single "All the Machines".

  • (computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory; "the market for software is expected to expand"

  • Computer software, or just software, is the collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions telling a computer what to do. The term was coined to contrast to the old term hardware (meaning physical devices).

  • The programs and other operating information used by a computer

  • heavy gun fired from a tank

  • A carom

  • make a cannon

  • a large artillery gun that is usually on wheels

  • A large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare

  • An automatic heavy gun that fires shells from an aircraft or tank

cannon video camera software - Whetstone Cutlery

Whetstone Cutlery Collectible Miniature Civil War Cannon (Multi)

Whetstone Cutlery Collectible Miniature Civil War Cannon (Multi)

Miniature Civil War Cannon12 pound Civil War field cannon replica weapon collectible is a detailed 1/12th scale military caisson replica weapon collectible as used throughout the Civil War. It features include 5.5" cast zinc barrel, wood carriage, 4.5" metal rimmed rotating wheels, detachable ram and measure powder laddle, metal chains/fittings & real rope breeching. This miniature replica, is scaled to match and would be a perfect addition to our Civil War Limber Replica (24-492).Dimensions:12" x 5.25" X 5"

76% (18)

13/365 - Reflections of a TRT

13/365 - Reflections of a TRT

3/13/09: Playing around with mutiple cameras after work on a Friday. I am holiding a flip digital video camera but taking a picture of myself with the Cannon Elph we have at school. I like the reflection both in the RCA screen and to the left on the actual physical camera itself. I just wish my hand hand been steadier and this came out a bit clearer.

Today's Random Fact: TRT stands for Technology Resource Teacher. I work in an elementary school helping teachers integrate technology into their teaching lessons. I get to train adults on new tools and software but schedule lessons in classrooms and work with students too. It really is the best of both worlds and I love it!

Sunrise - A Timelapse Video

Sunrise - A Timelapse Video

Timelapse video taken from 7:00AM to 9:00AM using Cannon SD750 camera and CHDK add-on software. 560 total photos taken every 10 seconds. Photos compiled into a movie with Quicktime and edited with IMovie 09. Background music by Manolo Camp (Creative Commons License).

cannon video camera software

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