Web camera software effects. Inside a camera lens. Panasonic prosumer video camera

Web Camera Software Effects

web camera software effects

    web camera
  • A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer. More info.

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  • The programs and other operating information used by a computer

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web camera software effects - Anime Studio

Anime Studio Debut 7 [OLD VERSION]

Anime Studio Debut 7 [OLD VERSION]

Animation & Cartoons

The fun, quick, and affordable way to create animations, Anime Studio is the ideal solution for first-time animators, hobbyists, and digital artists. The new Beginner's Mode helps you start animating immediately. Start animating right away with Beginner's Mode
The Beginner's Mode helps you start animating right away. Easily toggle between the Beginner's Mode and the regular Tool Palette.
Integrated Audio Recording
Record your own sound clips with integrated Audio Recording and make your characters talk with built-in Lip Syncing.
Easily Create Animations in Minutes
Create Your Own Art or Import Content to Get Started Fast
Make your own characters and objects with intuitive vector-based draw, paint, and fill tools. You can also easily import artwork from popular graphics programs and use pre-built content.
Use the Bone Tools to Quickly Animate Your Characters
Point-and-click to attach bones to your characters for easy manipulation and reduce production time over traditional frame-by-frame animation. Anime Studio's unique bone rigging toolset allows you to create a skeleton that can be easily manipulated to animate characters, simple drawings, or objects in your animation.
Easily Organize Projects with the Timeline, Keyframes, and Layers
Anime Studio moves your character naturally along the timeline with keyframes, creating smooth animations. Use multiple layers to edit your animation, and add sound, special effects, and more. Quickly make your characters talk with built-in Lip Syncing.
Share Everywhere
Export to the most popular Web and video formats, or upload and share on YouTube or Facebook directly from within Anime Studio.
Anime Studio Debut Gets You Started Right Away!
Free Characters
Anime Studio includes Jace, Thorn, Liz, Anime Boy, and many other exclusive, royalty-free, vector-based characters you can use for your own animations.
Free Tutorials
Tutorials and sample files show you how to maximize Anime Studio's powerful features and get you animating right away.
Unique bone rigging system
Quickly animate your characters with Anime Studio's unique bone rigging system.
Packed with ready-to-use content
Organize and access your content with the new Library. Anime Studio is packed with ready-to-use content.
Bring Photos to Life
Give life to your favorite photos. Import digital camera images, attach bones, and easily turn your photographs into animated movies.
Import Your Art
Import your own illustrations or create unique characters for your cartoons. Animate anything within the reach of your imagination.
New! Beginner's Mode
Start animating right away. The Beginner's Mode displays the key tools used in Anime Studio, and includes feature rollover descriptions and video tutorials to quickly get you familiar with the program. You can easily toggle between the Beginner's Mode and the regular Tool Palette.
New! Integrated Audio Recording
Record your own sound clips right within Anime Studio, and adjust the pitch from high to low to fit your animated characters. Recordings get saved and then automatically added to your timeline for quick lip-synching.
New! Content Library
Keeping all of your Anime Studio content organized has never been easier. Quickly browse through existing content or save your own content to the library. Add content to your scenes with a simple drag and drop or search for items by keyword. You can even browse for additional Anime Studio content available on Content Paradise right inside the library. ?
Customizable brush styles
A variety of customizable brush styles make creating original artwork a snap.
Import and animate original work
Import and animate your own video and artwork.
New! Toon Image & Video Filter
Apply a cartoon-style effect to any image or video with a couple of mouse clicks. Fine-tune and customize the toon filter settings by adjusting the saturation, lightness, edge level, and more.
New! Brush Styles
Choose from a variety of customizable brush styles and pattern brushes when creating your own artwork in Anime Studio. Adjust the angle and spacing of the brush style, and see a real-time preview of your customized brush before starting your drawing.
New! Image Masking
You no longer need other graphics applications to cut yourself out of a photograph to create cut-out animations. Easily select and remove unwanted background colors from your images using the Image Masking tool.
New! Follow Path Tool
You can select any character or object to follow and bend along a pre-drawn path, making animating along curves easy. In addition to bending along the path, you can also choose to have the object automatically orient itself to follow the path it's been assigned to.
New! More Ready-To-Use Content
Anime Studio Debut provides an extensive content library with hundreds of pieces of ready-to-use content including fully rigged, vector-based characters like Jace, Thorn, Anime Boy, and Liz, as well as props, scenes, action words, stock video and images, sound effects, and more so you can start creating your own animations right away.
New! Gather Media
You no longer have to worry about broken images or missing files in your Anime Studio project file when moving any of the included assets (audio, video, images) to a different machine or location on your hard drive. The Gather Media function collects all files (audio, video, images) that are part of your animation project, and then creates folders for the collected media.
Cartoon-style effects for image or video
Easily apply a cartoon-style effect to any image or video.
New! StuffIt Connect
Easily share your Anime Studio projects with friends. The integrated StuffIt Connect feature allows you to create an archive of your project within Anime Studio and then seamlessly upload it to the Web. You can then create email invites for friends that you want to share your content with. This serves as a great alternative to an ftp client, since your friends can access the download link from any browser. A free one-year subscription to the StuffIt Connect service is included with your Anime Studio purchase, offering 2 GB of storage and 4 GB of bandwidth per month.
Built-in tutorials and sample files get you up and running quickly
Easily make your characters talk with built-in Lip Syncing
Combine and mix animation with audio and video using the Sequencer
Quickly animate your characters using the Bone Tools
Motion Tracking lets you attach animated objects to target points in your video and have them automatically track throughout the clop
Import Quicktime or AVI video
Pen tablet support lets you draw naturally with a pen tablet and recreate the sensation of drawing on paper
Import audio files such as WAV, AIFF, or MP3
Special effects like motion blur and shadows
Export animations in SWF, AVI, or MOV format
Upload creations to YouTube and Facebook directly from within Anime Studio
Render in popular formats and sizes

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After Effect Droste Test

After Effect Droste Test

Just testing animating the droste effect in AfterEffects. This animation is supposed to be about 3 times longer, but the render keeps crashing at the 25s marker, not sure why, says divide by zero error, but none of the parameters are at zero at that point, so not sure what the issue is, maybe AE is running out of memory or something. The preview runs fine through the whole clip, so really have no idea why it bombs when rendering- which takes almost 2 hours.

On another note, I was able to fix the problem with the filter when using transparency.

Droplet Effect

Droplet Effect

I won't post a lot of effects pictures, but I am just learning some of this stuff and I really liked this one. It came from a photo I took the other night. That picture is posted as well, but is not as exciting.

web camera software effects

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